A List Of Good Informative Essay Topics For High School Students

Every high school student will at some time be required to write an informative essay to meet the requirements of their class. If you or your favorite high school student has reached this impasse and must create a topic to write about, consider these topics as a good place to start.

  1. Discuss your favorite subject in school and what make it your favorite.
  2. Write the rules for your favorite sport.
  3. Discuss an important life lesson that you have learned.
  4. Write a description for how to make your favorite food.
  5. Put together a biography of an influential person in your life.
  6. Discuss a skill that you have and how you have developed that skill.
  7. Compose a description of how to learn to play a musical instrument.
  8. Put together a biography of a popular actress or actor.
  9. Discuss your favorite movie and what makes it your favorite.
  10. Discuss the best book you have ever read and what makes it your favorite.
  11. Write about your favorite author and why you enjoy what they have written.
  12. Discuss the career path you would like to take after High School.
  13. Discuss your favorite college and why you choose that particular school.
  14. Write about your favorite sports team and why you like that team.
  15. Describe a fear or phobia that you have and how it developed.
  16. Discuss UFOs and how this popular topic can be proven or disproven.
  17. Discuss your favorite conspiracy theory and how some can believe it is true.
  18. Write about something that has inspired you in your life.
  19. Discuss your favorite pet and their characteristics.
  20. Describe a good memory that you have.
  21. Outline the best possible vacation.
  22. Describe the worst possible vacation.
  23. Discuss your family and the members that compose your family.
  24. Discuss your siblings.
  25. Describe your family pet and how that pet came to be in your family.
  26. Write a biography of a famous politician.
  27. Describe a fairytale that you remember from when you were younger.
  28. Discuss a game that you enjoy playing and how to play that game well.
  29. Pick your favorite restaurant and tell why you enjoy dining thee.
  30. Pick something that you are scared of now or when you were younger.

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