A List Of Acute Essay Topics On Society: 20 Excellent Suggestions

Writing an essay doesn’t have to be a dull or tedious assignment to complete. There are a lot of very interesting topics that you can write on that will keep your mind active and have your well-honed opinions coming to the fore to make a brilliant argument for you.

Following is a list of 20 suggestions for topics on the sensitive, but ever so interesting subject of society that you can base your essay off of.

Topics on society

  1. The many effects of social media on the new generation.
  2. The impact of religion on today’s world – has it become outdated?
  3. Feminism and the toll it is taking on women today and the rest of the world. Has it lost its way? And how is it now affecting men? Have men been feminized?
  4. What are the current relevance and subsequently the consequences of the educational system?
  5. Equality- are all people actually born equal and who decided who gets to make the judgement call?
  6. The role of men in society now vs. their role in the past. Has their role been taken from them? What can men expect of themselves in the current climate as fathers and husbands?
  7. Is monogamy still possible in the world today? Or is it something that shouldn’t even be expected?
  8. Right & wrong – black and white vs. grey areas. Does anyone really know right from wrong anymore? And whose opinion defines it?
  9. Conspiracy theories and the stories behind them.
  10. The government using war as a method of control.
  11. The truth about discrimination in society. Will it ever really end?
  12. How has the meaning of functionality in society changed over time?
  13. Has romance been replaced by social media?
  14. The outcome of hard work and struggle vs. privilege.
  15. Society’s impact on the earth’s dwindling resources.
  16. Is there any “right” way to raise your child anymore? Or is it now being done collectively by thousands of people with parents being shamed for decisions that five years ago would have concerned no one.
  17. The various causes of war.
  18. “Pop culture” and its effects on society.
  19. The lack of any real role models for the next generation.
  20. Society’s obsession with diversion and distraction.

These ideas are not the all-in-all, but they are certainly a springboard and a good start. These topics are all extremely relevant in the world today and have all had differed, but strong, impacts. They are not subjected that can be easily ignored and you should be able to find grounds for a good, strong argument for your essay that you can feel passionate about.

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