How To Be A Better Essay Writer: Advice For High School Students

Almost everyone can write essays. However, only a small number of students compose really great papers that impress their teachers and other readers. To achieve such results you should pay special attention to your writing. Here are several tips that you should follow in order to improve your essay writing skills:

  1. Read good examples.
  2. Before you write an essay of some type that you’ve never dealt with before, you should look at a few well-written sample papers. This will help you avoid plenty of mistakes and organize your paper properly.

  3. Practice writing.
  4. Write not only when you’re instructed to write school academic papers. Compose some stories or articles for your family and friends. By doing this, you’ll greatly improve your skills.

  5. Select your time.
  6. Every person has a time of the day when they work better. Try to practice writing during this time in order to release your full potential. Don’t write school academic papers when you’re tired.

  7. Get rid of distractions.
  8. If you want to produce a high-quality material, you should eliminate anything that might distract you from your work. Turn off your TV and telephone. Close web pages that might interrupt you, like social networks.

  9. Always have a plan.
  10. You shouldn’t just start writing your essay. Preparing for your work and outlining your paper are the obligatory steps even for the simplest academic assignments.

  11. Be creative.
  12. Don’t stick to one writing style. Try to come up with ideas that aren’t likely to be generated by your classmates. Raise contradictory questions that will be interesting to discuss in class.

  13. Pay attention to proofreading.
  14. Many students pay little attention to this step or even ignore it. This leads to them having plenty of mistakes in their essays. Look through your paper several times before stating that it’s your final draft.

  15. Start and end strong.
  16. The introduction and conclusion paragraphs of your essays should always perform their functions to the maximum. Make sure that you will draw the attention of your readers in the first paragraph and will clearly convey your final message at the end.

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