A List Of Easy Persuasive Essay Topics For College Students

Are you looking for a list of persuasive essay topics for school? This is the right article that can help you. In this article, you will find out more about what a persuasive exposition truly is and how you can write it in such a way that it can persuade others to think about things differently.

Effective Suggestions

First off, the topic that you should use ought to be something close your heart. If you cannot relate your own topics, then chances are you won’t be able to convince others to think like you do. Perhaps you can even end up dissuading them in the process. Since you are a college student, here are some possible options that you can go through.

  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of Censorship in the Media
  • Being A Millennial: Should We Join the Modern Craze?
  • The Advantage of Raising a Modern Family
  • Dissecting the Issue of Gay Marriage
  • Freedom of Expression: Is It a Right or a Privilege?

The second thing that the need to consider when trying to choose a topic for your persuasive essay would be the relative ease of information gathering. Will you find it hard or easy to gather data if you decide to work on your chosen topic? If the answer is yes, then you can go ahead and choose any particular topic that you want. Here are some of the easier topics to gather information for.

  • School related issues
  • Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Personality

Writing persuasive expositions about any of the previous topics can definitely hit a chord among college students like you. This is why you should not hesitate to choose any of these topics as soon as possible. I am sure that you will not regret doing so. Also, you will not only have possible insight regarding these topics, but you will also be able to connect to your audience much more quickly if you use these prompts.


Lastly, you have to make sure that you can choose topics that are socially relevant as well. Do not hesitate to explore various subjects like politics or religion if you think that people could relate to it in the long run. You should use your exposition to open the eyes of your readers. Otherwise, you should try writing another type of essay if you feel that you cannot create an eye-opening piece of writing. It is all up to you for sure.

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