How To Start Off A Narrative Essay On Great Expectations

More so than other kinds of essays like analytical papers expository papers, a narrative paper works to incorporate your point of view into how you write about a subject. Narrative papers typically involve you telling a story or about an experience that you’ve had, so when you write a narrative paper about a subject like Great Expectations it should incorporate either your experience of reading the book into it, or it should incorporate a related experience you’ve had, that makes you think of the book in some way.

Writing this kind of paper can be a big adjustment for students because it is a totally different kind of paper than they are used to writing. It must incorporate element of a traditional academic analysis paper with your own point of view and aspects of your own life. Often times when writing this kind of paper, knowing how to start out can be one of the hardest parts. But once you do, and you get into the flow if it, the rest of the paper will be much easier.

Follow this simple advice on how to start off a narrative essay on Great Expectations:

  • - Introduce the book, the characters, and the story
  • You shouldn’t assume that your reader has also read Great Expectations, so one of the first things you’ll need to do with your paper is to provide them with some basic background. Included in this should be an introduction to the book, the characters, and the basic story or plot. If you are going to focus on a certain character or part of the story in your paper then it is a good idea to give more detailed background on them.

  • - Introduce your own voice
  • It is also important that you introduce your own voice into the paper very early on so that it won’t come as too much of a shock to your reader when it is included later. You should let your reader know a bit about yourself in a relevant context. If you are drawing a comparison between the book and some aspect of your childhood, then it might be appropriate for the voice that you introduce to be the voice of you as a child.

  • - Include some kind of thesis statement or intention
  • Even thought it won’t be a traditional thesis statement, you should give your reader some idea of where the paper is going.

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