The Essential Rules Of Writing A Five Paragraph Essay: A Guide For Newbies

The aim of a five paragraph essay is usually to test your writing skills. Most of the time, your time will be restricted. To master writing such kind of paper, you will need to know what goes into each section. Each paragraph has a unique role which must be understood and executed.

Introductory Paragraph

It sets the tone by introducing the topic and making a thesis statement or defining the route you will take. It is written in active voice and must be captivating enough to attract the interest of readers. The sentence structure should vary to avoid the monotony of starting each of them with the subject of the essay.

Three Supporting Paragraphs

This is considered the body of your five paragraph essay. You are required introduce the sub-topics relating to your subject. You should find a way to connect the sub-topic with the main topic. This is done by re-stating it at the first sentence. You must provide examples to support all your arguments. At the end of each paragraph, there should be a transition to the next. This is a smooth connection that binds all the ideas discussed in the essay.

A strong paper requires considered ideas and strong arguments. Take a few minutes before embarking on writing to brainstorm and generate the best ideas. Limit the sub topics to three, one for each paragraph. This will allow you to explain them and therefore make your argument compelling. Do not weaken your paper by writing about issues you are not familiar with. The structure of your sentences should vary.

The supporting ideas, sub-topics, examples and details included in the three paragraphs must be specific. Maintain focus on the subject and avoid ineffective arguments. Repetition of pronouns or lists only weakens your paper.

Summary paragraph

This is a defining section for your essay. You are required to re-state the thesis in the least number of words possible. Since you have already expressed your argument, summarize it with authority. This will ensure that the reader is not left with an ounce of doubt. It must be conclusive and logical without making an assumption that the reader understands your point. A powerful ending leaves an impact in the mind of the reader.

Do not forget to edit and proof read your five paragraph essay after writing. This will help you get rid of typographical errors and grammar related mistakes. The assistance of a friend will go a long way in pointing out some errors and improving its quality.

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