10 Effective Techniques For Composing An Expository Essay Like A Professional

With an expository essay, students are expected to write a paper that demonstrates a specific concept. Although it still has a thesis statement, students are not expected to take a viewpoint or an opinion. Personal thoughts and opinions should be left out. Instead, the reader should be given statistics, data and facts to learn about the subject.

  1. Make a Hook
  2. To get readers interested, students should use an anecdote, statistic or question to draw them into the narrative.

  3. Do Not Use “I”
  4. Academic essays should never use words like “I”, “you” or “we”.

  5. Focus on Ideas
  6. For this paper to be interesting, it needs to include interesting, unique ideas. Students may want to write about a social problem or a new scientific discovery that has not been covered extensively.

  7. Make a Thesis Statement
  8. Every type of writing requires a main idea like a thesis statement. This statement will be the main idea that the student builds their entire paper around, so it is an extremely important part of the writing process.

  9. Do High-Quality Research
  10. Students should skip blogs when it comes to writing their expository essay. To get a high grade, students need to make sure that they use academic sources like scholarly journals, books and news sites.

  11. Make an Outline
  12. An outline is the easiest way for students to organize all of their ideas and research. By using an outline, students can make sure that they do not repeat information multiple times. A good outline will also help the student with building a strong argument and logical narrative.

  13. Get Creative
  14. There are some topics that have been covered already by millions of students. Teachers are tired of reading the same topics, so students can make sure that they get a better grade by picking a topic that is exceptionally unique and creative.

  15. Edit Carefully
  16. If there are many grammar or spelling errors in the text, it will distract readers from the main idea. Students should make sure that they have edited their finished assignment as thoroughly and carefully as possible.

  17. Ask for Help
  18. A freelance editor, teacher or classmate can be an invaluable resource when it comes to editing. Few people are naturally talented at editing their own writing, so having an extra set of eyes can be a major help.

  19. Be Clear
  20. Students want to sound smart in their writing, so they mistakenly use the thesaurus to add long, convoluted words to their sentences. Instead, students should focus on explaining their ideas as clearly and consicely as possible.

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