How To Compose A Critical Analysis Essay Step-By-Step: A Guide For Dummies

Do you know that moment when you read an article and you discuss about it with your classmate? You emphasize the good and the bad points, you notice the attitude of the writer and how could the article be improved. Well, this is what you have to do when you write a critical analysis essay, but without your colleague. It’s not difficult at all if you pay attention to every step; eventually you will understand the key points and you will not need any help. Follow this guide:

  • - Establish what piece of literature you want to analyze. In general, you might be tempted to choose a simple article, but it will be difficult to write about it. There is not much to analyze about it, so your analysis essay will not be good. Better, think about a chapter of your favorite book; this would be easy for you and interesting for the others. Besides, you already read it many times so you don’t have to make too much research.
  • - Write the introduction for your critical analysis essay. In the first lines you have to mention the topic of your composition, as well as the text that you will analyze. You can also say why did you choose this particular text, and what are you hoping to achieve. This will allow the reader to know what to expect from your composition.
  • - Find the good and the bad points of the text. In general, you will analyze it from your point of view, so it’s okay to include your personal preferences in the essay. Even so, try to be objective when it’s possible; you have nothing against the author, you are just discussing about his content.
  • - Write a smart conclusion. If you reached at the end of the composition, you probably analyzed that piece of text from all points of view. This means that you have a complete opinion about it, and you can write a conclusion. Make sure that the conclusion that you write is based on the ideas that you expressed in the essay. Otherwise, it will be confusing for the readers and your professor will not be happy with your composition.
  • - Proofread the entire piece. Even if you are careful, you can still make mistakes. It’s better to check your essay before submitting it.

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