A List Of The Most Popular Persuasive Essay Topics For 10th Grade

Students attempt academic papers of different types in their career. They need to complete papers on various subjects depending upon the requirements of their teachers and the grade they are studying in. Usually the format of these papers stays the same but the type and purpose would change. A persuasive essay is the type of assignment where you have to take a clear stance about a certain subject and gather logical and factual evidence to convince the readers of your stance. The data you use in your paper as evidence and supporting points should be from valid and authenticated sources. This is more like a debate where you have to make sure that the audience agrees with your stance and you give them all the reason to. You would even think of counter arguments for the opposing views so that you can create a strong case for your paper

If you are to write a winning persuasive essay for your 10th grade, then you definitely need a winning topic. The title of your paper is critical because it helps to define the scope of your work for the readers and help you stay focused. You can narrow down your research process with a specific title. If you are not sure how to pick a strong title for your persuasive essay, then you should consider the following ideas. These suggestions will help you come up with your own ideas and make it easy for you to brainstorm for fresh and relevant ideas

Popular topics for persuasive essays in 10th grade

  1. Drugs are worse than alcohols
  2. Drinking and driving should have more strict check and balance
  3. Government should increase the budget for health sector
  4. Health and education should be privatized
  5. Outdoor sports are better than indoor games
  6. Private communities should spend more on public awareness programs
  7. Day cares should offer video surveillance of the kids
  8. Dogs are better pets than cats
  9. Free range parenting is better than helicopter parenting
  10. Mass urban migration has impacted the cities in bad way
  11. We should act when we see any act of violence
  12. The society is losing tolerance
  13. Smart work is the key to success
  14. Hard work is the key to success
  15. Freelancing is better than permanent jobs
  16. Money making is essential

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