Composing A Decent English Essay Title: Vital Advice

A lot of attention is given to the title of your essay because of the crucial role it plays. The title is useful in the following among other ways:

  • - It gives your position on an issue. From the wording and tone of your title, a reader can identify whether you are in support or opposing an issue. This is especially important in argumentative writing where you are required to take a stand.
  • - It sets boundaries- the title indicates how far you are going to stretch your area of study. For instance, in a history paper, you may indicate that you are going to cover the nineteenth century. This is a specific boundary in terms of years.
  • - It informs expectations- it is from reading the title that you get curious to know what is contained in the body. This means that the title must give a correct indication of what is to be found in the paper.

While all research and academic papers have titles, not all titles add value to the paper. Some discourage readers from reading beyond that initial sentence. Those who have managed to produce excellent titles have shared these tips to assist you in any academic writing.

Understand the Requirements

The title you will come up with is always determined by instructions given by your teacher. Understand these instructions to establish whether the paper is explanatory, synthesis, comparison and contrast, etc. These aspects of your paper will first be reflected in the title before the reader can delve deeper into the paper.

Choose the Right Words

Words are important in determining the effectiveness of any title. The words and their placement on different positions within the phrase determine the effectiveness of the title. Ensure that the words are catchy and represent the intentions you had when selecting the title.

Keep it Simple and Brief

The details of your arguments and position will be captured in the body of your essay. This calls for a simple and brief title. In essence the title should provide a summary of the entire paper in the least number of words possible. It should be a single sentence made of active verbs.

A good English essay title should be free of abbreviations to the furthest extent possible. Only universally recognized abbreviations like NATO, UN, HIV, etc are acceptable. By looking at the title, the reader should form a clear image of what is contained in the rest of the paper.

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