Great Strategies To Improve Essay Writing Skills In A Week

It is always important to evaluate yourself and note whether you need to acquire more writing skills or not. But basically, the answer should be yes. You need to employ certain significant strategies that can aid you achieve this goal. Here are the most important of them.

Read other people’s work

You cannot entirely depend on your own work. You need to acquire samples elsewhere so that you can learn how others are applying various writing skills in their work. Get to know the positive features you can draw from them and employ in your own work.

Understand the question

Your lecturer wants to see certain things which are the key marking points. If you fail to incorporate them into your own work, you may end up with a poor score. Therefore, in order to curb this problem, you need to carefully read the question and comprehend its meaning. You can underline the key terms that catches your attention.

Do research

Before you can embark on the writing task, it is important to carry out some research based on the given topic. This can be conducted through studying resource materials such as textbooks, newspapers and magazines. Have a small paper where you can record your findings and make the necessary adjustments.

Build your vocabulary and use it appropriately

The best way to do this is by reading as many samples as possible. Read also other literature books that contain good vocabulary. Master them and ultimately employ in your work. For instance, be well versed with different synonyms and maintain creativity so that you do not repeat what other people say. It is also crucial to know how to link different paragraphs with each other by employing connections.

Words to help develop arguments

If you repeat yourself too much, your work will turn out to be mind-numbing. You need to master how you can craft an argument and support it adequately without using a monotonous tone. Employ a new technique for each idea to aid your readers have interest in your work. Use different synonyms for the same words if there is need to repeat.

Tell the reader what other people say

This is crucial as it informs the audience that you have conducted sufficient research and you can now adequately convince them. You can choose to use a direct quote from the other text, paraphrase the information or include an entire paragraph from the primary source.

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