How To Write An Essay On Windows 8: A Step-By-Step Guide

Your assignment is to write an essay on a step-by-step guide to Windows 8. In this type of article you should take the approach of a how-to guide. You want to show someone how to maneuver around this new platform that is very confusing if you don’t know the basics. Here are some steps on how to create this article:

  • - Your subject is Windows 8 but you need to decide what your topic will be within Window 8. The best thing to do is begin your research on the subject. When you are researching you may find something that is very interesting about this platform. Look for things you think your reader may enjoy or be interested in. Once you have decided on a topic, do more thorough research on the topic and come up with a thesis statement.
  • - Create an outline – Once you have your topic you need substantiating arguments to support your thesis statement or topics that you want to include in your essay. Depending on what your topic sentence is you have main points that you want to discuss. Have at least three because you will need a paragraph for each point. Include the introduction in your outline and then what your three points are.
  • - Create your conclusion. Restate your reiterate your points as well. Also think of a call to action or something you want your readers to remember so they will remember your essay. The conclusion is the last thing they read so leave them with some interesting thing they can remember.
  • - Now begin to right your rough draft. You have your roadmap in front of you with your outline. Now all you have to do is fill in the minor details and create your complete sentences. The first paragraph is your introduction. The body contains your next three paragraphs and then the last paragraph is your conclusion.
  • - Check over your work for grammar and spelling issues and have someone else read over your work. Ask them to give any advice that they feel is necessary. Do your revisions and write your final draft.

Windows 8 can be really confusing for some people but it is only because it is different and new. With your help and your great essay, you can help them understand it much easier. Your essay can inform many people on how to use Windows 8 without being afraid of it.

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