How Do You Write A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On A Documentary Film?

Every teenager loves to watch documentaries, so writing about one will be extremely easy. Of course, this does not mean that you should neglect this task and wait until the last day to complete your assignment. You will need a few days to write a good rhetorical analysis essay and a few hours to edit it and arrange it. If you don’t know how to handle a composition like this, follow these guidelines:

  • Start with a broad introduction. In the first lines of your composition you will have to mention, obviously, what documentary are you analyzing. Other details like the year when it appeared and the author are very important, as well as the place where it was filmed. This will help any reader know from the very beginning what you are writing about. Also, you will have to provide a short description of the theme of the film. For example, if it is about animals, you should mention what kind of animals and where.
  • Identify the author’s purpose so you can discuss about it later. Even more, you will be required to mention some facts about the film; is there any speaker, what is the target audience, how long does it last and so on.
  • In the body of your composition, analyze the most important part of the documentary. From the very beginning to the end, you have to focus only on the moments that actually mean something; if you want to share every detail you might need more than a few days to write this. Every time the author makes a statement, he is supposed to bring arguments for it. Well, did he? If yes, mention what evidence or arguments he presented. Follow this way until you are close to the end.
  • Decide if the author reached his goal. Let’s say that this movie is meant to educate the teenagers about animal abuse and how to avoid it. Do you think that the arguments that were presented are enough for this? Could you add anything more?
  • Write a conclusion. This is the end of your assignment. The conclusion does not have to be longer than a few lines, nor complicated. You will just have to remind the reader everything you wrote until now, and what all these mean. A simple “ the author reached his goal” is mostly not enough.

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