Basic Rules Of Proper APA Style Essay Heading Formatting

For many students, writing an essay is not very difficult. You have to arrange your ideas in good way and to make sure that they are appealing for the readers. The difficult part comes when you have to edit the composition and follow the APA requirements. Your professor will pay attention to every single element, so you don’t have to neglect anything. Check out the basic rules that you have to follow:

  • Create a title page. This is a must for the APA style, but it is easy to do and it should not take more than a few minutes. Write the title on a separate page and make sure that you use the same font as you used in the rest of the composition. You can increase the size of the letters, but don’t use any colors or drawings. On the same page you will have to write your name, the name of your professor and the date of submission. Keep everything simple and professional.
  • Make sure every page has a number. In the header of the page you will have to put the number of the page using a classic font. Some professors also ask you to write the title of the composition in the header in the left corner, but this is not obligatory.
  • Leave space between the paragraphs. One of the most important things when it comes to the APA style is to remember to leave enough space in the text. For example, after each paragraph you should leave a double space. Also, if you introduce a picture in the text you have to make sure it is centered and it does not disturb the text. You can even add a frame to the picture to make it look more elegant.
  • Create a references page at the end of the project. If you used many references and quotes in your essay, you can create a separate page where you have to mention the sources. In this way you don’t have to interrupt the text a number of times to mention from what book you took this paragraph. To know exactly what you have to do and how to build your text you have to ask your professor. He will give you a clear list of instructions that you have to follow to have a great project.

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