How To Choose Good Opinion Essay Topics On Nuclear Power

Writing on the subject of nuclear power can be extremely difficult, largely because it is both a highly specialized field and one that doesn’t produce a wide variety of topic areas that have already been developed and could serve as the basis for your own study. The silver lining in this, however, is that there are a number of areas left for you to explore. When given an opinion essay it’s good to choose something that has a lot of content for you to read and take a side on an issue, but try to stick to something in which your opinion and ideas to support that opinion will be memorable to the reader. Here are a few good topics to consider:

  1. Discuss the events leading up to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster that occurred in March of 2011. Could the disaster have been prevented? Could the evacuation of the area been more efficient?
  2. Do you think that nuclear power is the best solution towards solving the energy demands of an ever-increasing global population?
  3. Evaluate the arguments for and against building nuclear power plants in regions that are prone to natural disasters. For instance, California experiences hundreds of minor earthquakes each year.
  4. Do you believe that smaller and portable forms of creating and harnessing nuclear energy will one day be available for mass production and consumption in the home?
  5. What improvements to safety have occurred in the last quarter century, made people more willing to accept nuclear energy as a viable option for local communities?
  6. Describe what you think about building nuclear power plants near major cities? Should they be built in rural areas where the damage can be better contained?
  7. What lessons were learned of the Chernobyl reactor disaster has been implemented into the way nuclear power plants are being designed and built today? Do you think the changes are sufficient?
  8. Do you think the government should spend more money on finding ways to make nuclear power more efficient and safer or spend more money on finding cleaner alternatives for the environment?
  9. What do you think are the greatest concerns of dependence on nuclear energy? What if the energy source breaks down? Do people have enough alternative forms to support living?
  10. Would you want a nuclear power plant to be built within the area in which you live if it meant more jobs and economic growth for the community?

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