Composing an original essay for school, a college research paper or other writing project has common elements that make them unique. Also known as a written composition, an essay assignment often includes thoughts, opinions and perspectives on a topic unique to the writer.

5 tips that will help you compose original essays

When trying to develop authentic material for your topic it is important to understand how your material stands out in relation to your main idea. Choosing an interesting topic you know well and will be comfortable writing about is a good place to start. Here are 5 more tips to help you compose and original paper on any selected topic.

  1. Develop a simple outline for your topic. An outline can be something as simple as starting off with six sentences of original content pertaining to your main idea. Some panic at the idea of an outline but this is like a cheat sheet for ideas and thoughts. You can work on this element first even when you are not sure what to write about your topic. Think about important supporting evidence you know offhand. This gives a starting point for additional information to include later.
  2. Create an eye-catching engaging hook to start your essay introduction. Your hook should be conclusive while providing an element that draws readers in and makes them want to keep reading. A hook is an important aspect of an original paper. This allows you to bring something different to your topic while setting the tone for readers. The hook can be a question, fact, general statement or something humorous related to your main idea.
  3. Define your main idea or thesis statement. Make sure it is specific to your subject matter and clearly tells the purpose for your essay. Some writers find a creative way of making their hook and thesis connect. Try to take your time developing your thesis statement and rewrite it a few times for clarification. If you develop a strong statement you will find it easier to write about and find supporting evidence to clarify your claim. A weak statement that lacks clear information or is considered incomplete may add to your writing woes.
  4. Have a clear structure in place for body paragraphs in your essay. This simply means each paragraph following your introduction should support your thesis using the same structure to introduce evidence and analysis. For example, each body paragraph will include a main point, supporting details or evidence and restate of your main point of the paragraph. A transition sentence may be the last sentence of the paragraph helping readers connect to the next paragraph. When writing body paragraphs each paragraph states an important point related to your thesis starting with your most significant point appearing first.
  5. The conclusion paragraph of your essay is easier to write than you think. For the most part, you restate your thesis, mention supporting points from each body paragraph based on appearance in the text and develop a sentence or two to close out or conclude your topic. This can be an important message or viewpoint you want readers to know about the topic.

Additional Information to Know about Writing an Original Essay

Some students find writing the introduction more of a challenge than writing the conclusion. Just remember in your introduction you are simply introducing readers to your topic. Provide a hook, strong thesis statement or main idea and background details related to your subject matter. Think outside of the box when developing content for your assignment. Use different sources and find a piece of information you may not have known before.

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