How To Choose A Good Literature Essay Topic About Lord Of The Flies

Topic ideas for a literature essay can come from a number of places. Some of the best ones can come about because of a particular interest in a specific area of a literary work, others come from discussions held in class, and still others come from reading other essays. When choosing a good literature essay topic about Lord of the Flies it’s best to know from the start that there is no right or wrong way of doing so. But still we understand you may find coming up with your own ideas a little difficult, so here are few questions for you explore in order to generate some possibilities:

  1. Can you get information on your topic easily from your local public or school library?
  2. The novel is a mainstay in just about every English-speaking library around the world. However, unless you have access to a university library you might have trouble locating hard copies of secondary resources such as journal articles or essays on the book. Perhaps you should first check what will be available to you before committing to any one idea.

  3. What would you like to learn more about in regards to the either the novel or its author?
  4. Lord of the Flies has become a hugely popular novel since it was first published in 1954. However, when it first appeared it wasn’t a huge success. Why do you think William Golding’s first novel didn’t meet critical success until later? What does it say about society at the time of its publication?

  5. Does your instructor expect you to write a certain type of literature assignment?
  6. Have a look at the assignment prompt. Are you given a choice of topics or are you given the freedom to create your own. If you have specific prompts then it’s a good idea to underline any keywords that you need to address, such as “Describe” “Compare and contrast” or “Analyze.”

  7. Will you be able to discuss your topic at length without running out of things to say?
  8. One of the problems with choosing an idea that is too narrow is that you can quickly run out of things to say if you don’t find enough resources to support your arguments. On the flip side of this you also don’t want to choose an idea that is too broad because you won’t be able to discuss it fully and will leave too many opening endings. Pick something more manageable; something that falls right in between too broad and too narrow.

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