Best Places To Go In Search Of An Example Of An Essay On How To Stop Smoking

Smoking may be one of the most common, most dangerous addictions that is accepted as a societal norm. To think that thousands are people die each year, around the world, as a direct result of smoking and yet the act is considered legal by just about every country is quit the brain twister when you consider some of the ridiculous this that are illegal in many countries, like marijuana.

When writing any essay, it helps to have an idea of exactly what you wish to accomplish at the end of your composition. To help with this, most authors choose to reference an example written in a style they respect or admire to help them shape their work. The following is a list of useful places to check to help you acquire an example of an essay on how to stop smoking:

  1. Health websites
  2. In today’s world, health focused groups main concern may very well be the campaign against smoking since it has demonstrated itself as one of the most certain killers in our modern society. A visit to the site of any of these groups will surely provide you with many well written documents on smoking and various subjects related to the issue, like quitting.

  3. Online Support groups
  4. There are many support groups for people fighting with smoking addiction and these can exist in both real and online. A visit to any of these websites will provide you with valuable information on the various aspects, challenges and shortcomings of persons struggling with smoking addiction.

  5. Academic forums
  6. There are many, regular people who have been negatively affected by smoking, either personally or through the experience of someone close to them. It is no surprise that there are many students currently studying ways of eradicating this problem from society so that more people wont have to suffer the consequences. Visit any forum site dealing with these issues and you will find many well written pieces depicting personal experiences by smokers and those affected.

  7. Professional writers
  8. You could easily task a professional writer with the job of composing a professional standard essay example on smoking, if you have the funds available to do so. You can acquire the services of a writer in many ways, simplest may be to employ the services of a freelancer via a job hosting site, or you could try working with a professional writing company.

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