Writing A Conclusion For A Compare And Contrast Essay

For a dissertation to par excellence, even if it is freelance, there are certain components that should be there in it. There should be a well-written introduction, a body which is made of few paragraphs which contain a lot of research and a conclusion.

The introduction is used to introduce the topic to inform the reader what he or she can expect from the topic. After this comes the main body. This supplies the meat to the entire dissertation, and it has the main arguments as well as the hypothesis which are mentioned. This part even if it’s freelance, needs to be researched well and the writer needs to do their homework. Finally, there is the conclusion to be mentioned. When a conclusion is strong, it gives the reader a sense of completion. A weak conclusion makes the reader wonder if enough homework was done or if research was done at all. It leaves them with a feeling of being cheated of the ending.

Compare and contrast essays are normally used when comparisons need to be made, and therefore, it talks about the similarities as well as the dissimilarities of the products in question or the ideas in question. This breaks down the details into different paragraphs each dealing with either similarities or dissimilarities which can be seen.

The conclusion of these compare and contrast essays deal with the entire thesis being paraphrased as well as the opinion which the author has with regards the ideas or the products in question. The paraphrasing of the thesis – the term includes what is within the scope of the writing as well as what the topic is about. For example, if the topic is about People’s preferences to having gardens, the paraphrasing thesis statement, in this case, would be, “Finally, it can be said that people prefer to have gardens due to the beauty a garden bestows on the place, it helps to increase the market value of the property and it gives the owner a sense of accomplishment”.

Finally, the author’s opinion in a conclusion would be what the author would prefer and what his or her opinion would be. This statement would necessarily be “I feel that…” This term adds value and weight to the entire essay, and this should only reiterate what was mentioned earlier and not bring up a new point altogether. It is when these points are adhered to, that the research will prove effective to its audience.

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