The Best Strategy For Creating A Reflective Essay On Writing Skills

What is a reflective essay?

A reflective essay is a dissertation in which the writer is describing or expounding on their personal experiences on a certain subject. This could include points such as:

  • - How a certain event or subject has affected them
  • - How they may have changed because of it
  • - Changes in perspective and thought processes they have experienced because of it

Writing about writing skills:

  • - Since this particular subject is writing skills, you may start with what first got you interested in writing. Did a particular book or story you read pique your interest? Was it a certain author that you admired? Or was it a style of writing? Each writer has his or her own story, and that is a good place to begin.
  • - A few things to remember in dissertation writing are:
  • - Do not be too informal. A thesis is, after all, a formal paper
  • - Be sure to write an introduction, which will contain your main topic
  • - Have strong points that support your particular ideas, and if possible, give examples
  • - Write in a “voice” that is suited to your target audience. Use appropriate vocabulary
  • - Do the homework and make sure that your thesis is written with proper grammar
  • - Research well and thoroughly to make sure you are covering the important points
  • - Think about well-written articles you have read. Read freelance articles on the subject and extract keynotes
  • - Draw on essential information you have studied and learned throughout your term
  • - Doing research throughout term will make the job easier
  • - A good writer will be able to make their writing understandable to any audience. This may mean changing the tone of the article from formal to informal for writing on a more personal topic, or it may mean re-wording and using more appropriate synonyms for academic or related papers.
  • - When writing a reflective paper, make sure to use proper sentence structure. Be careful not to write long sentences that are vague and difficult to understand. Good writing is usually concise, and it is capable of making strong points that the reader can easily identify with. Never take two or three paragraphs to say what can be conveyed in one paragraph.

Important things to remember:

Make sure your dissertation on writing skills has three essential parts:

  • - The introduction/main idea
  • - The body, where you state your arguments or make your point
  • - The closing, where you clearly summarize your thoughts

If you cover these essentials, you are sure to be able to write a great reflective essay that will be clear and understandable and will facilitate improved writing skills in our generation. Be concise, be thorough, do your homework, look for tips from professionals and freelance writers, and most of all draw on your personal experience and what has made you a better writer.

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