A List Of 10 Interesting Expository Essay Topics To Consider

This type of essay is one of the easiest essays to create because it has a very straight-forward approach. All you are trying to do is explain or describe a topic with information that is factual. It is created like all other types of essays with an introduction, body and conclusion and it cannot be done wrong as long as you are giving factual information. Here is a list of ten interesting expository essay topics you may want to write about:

  1. What is the story behind your school mascot?
  2. How can you help a suicidal friend?
  3. How do you apply for scholarships to attend college?
  4. What are the causes of teen pregnancy?
  5. How can headphones damage your hearing?
  6. The dangers of texting while driving?
  7. What are the causes of autism?
  8. What are the consequences of second-hand smoke?
  9. What are the advantages of learning a second language?
  10. What are the dangers of bullying?

Expository essays can be written on so many things. If it is possible, your best work will be on something that interests you. If you have a choice of topics and your teacher just gives you a subject category, use the technique of brainstorming to get your topic. Set your timer for 30 seconds and write as many topics on the subject in that amount of time. From the list you get, choose about 3 of them you think your readers will enjoy learning about. Once you have 3 of them, choose the one you think is the most interesting. Make sure there is enough research so you can expose your topic with sound facts. In your introduction, explain what your topic is and make sure you tell your reader something that makes them want to finish reading your article. The body is at least three paragraphs long and each paragraph should give an important fact that describes your topic. Make sure your conclusion restates what you were trying to describe and give your key facts that help you expose your topic. Also, try to give your reader something to think about that will make your reader think your essay was worth reading. You can find much of the factual information you are going to need for your essay on the internet. You can also use other places, such as the library, but the most up-to-date information will be on the ever-changing internet.

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