An Easy Way To Write An Essay Article About Bullying In School

Bullying is without doubt a common problem in schools allover the world. This is why the topic is a popular choice for essays particularly among high school students. When asked to write an essay on bullying, you will need to understand the instructions of your teacher. With different types of essay, you may address the topic from different perspective. However, if there are no instructions, you can take any approach that you find suitable to tackling the essay. A good way can be to look at the cause and effect of bullying.

Introduction to bullying

Many people understand that bullying isn’t right. It offers no benefit to call other names or even hit them. This may also cause a permanent damage on the person who is being victimized.

Effects of bullying

One of the major effects of bullying is that it can have a negative effect on the person who is being bullied. People who are usually happy and confident can become shy, unsure and self-conscious. There are also bullying victims who can suffer from depression. Their confidence can plummet and this may prevent them from trying out new thing. After a person undergoes bullying, they may find it hard to try out new thing or they may not be able to trust people. People who are bullied may find it difficult to participate in situations where they are ridiculed such as in sports or public speaking.

Despite the fact that bullying has many negative effects, there are consequences that are more serious. Those people who are bullied may sometime become scared, upset or even depressed such that they may not be able to see any worth in themselves and not a single way out of their torments. This can be seen from the reports that some students who have been bullied have ended up committing suicide. There are also some victims who don’t see a recourse and therefore seek to revenge through serious acts of violence against the instigators.

Bullying can make people to be unable to trust and love. It can make it difficult for them to enjoy a quality relationship later when they grow up. They may end up searching for a submissive partner or they can end being alone for the rest of their lives. This is on top of the fact that victims of bullying end up developing eating disorders, can engage in self injury or may need serious counseling.

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