Top Ten College Essay Topics That Will Blow Your Mind

As you prepare your college application packet, you must pay careful attention to the essay. You want to blow the mind of the university review board. The best way to do that is to submit a paper with a stellar topic, which shows the university that they absolutely must admit you. Use our top ten-college essay topic list for an essay that will blow your mind.

Top Ten College Essay Topics

  1. What my Mirror Can’t See- a college wants to know more than whether you were on the pep squad. The committee wants to know what qualities are inside of you that make you tick and make you special.
  2. How am I When I am Alone-what do you do when no one is watching? Do you volunteer at the soup kitchen do you mediate? What are those qualities?
  3. Failure and how it has Improved Me-what set back actually made you a better person in life? And why?
  4. What Would I do Different and Why-how would you change one part of your life? And why would you make that change?
  5. Dinner with the Person of My Choice-if you could pick any one person, a live or dead, to have dinner with, who would it be and why?
  6. My Hidden Talent-what special hidden talent do you have? Are you a back belt in karate? This topic will blow your mind.
  7. Destination Undecided- most schools know that the average incoming freshman does not 100% know what he or she wants to be or to do. However, for some reason people are scared to say this out loud. Go ahead and talk about your unknown destination in this college admission paper. The review group will embrace your honesty.
  8. My Movie Character-what movie characters are you most like and why? You probably should not pick a serial killer, but lean towards an Atticus Finch type person, if possible.
  9. Heroes-who are your heroes and why? Try to dig deeper than a NFL football player unless that person has given back to the community on a humanitarian level.
  10. What I Can Give to You-you know what you want to take from a university, but what can you give back to the university to help make it a better place? This subject matters very much to all schools.

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