Creating An Impressive English Essay For Middle School

Everyone is capable of writing a unique and outstanding essay. But not unless the ideas are put on paper, you can never tell how creative you are. Writing your piece of work has more to it than just memorizing the basic facts. You need to understand what you are talking about and learn to express every detail in a more precise manner. Below are 5 tips that will help you create a unique paper:

Essay structure

You must have a good structure for your work. A good structure simply means that your points should be written down in form of paragraphs. This makes the flow of reading, easier. There exists a simple formula for structuring your work, and every student must learn it. This includes;

  • - Introduction. Introduce your topic and give a brief description about it. This is what is termed as the thesis.
  • - Body. This is the place you break your points into paragraphs usually 3 to 5. However, it depends on the magnitude of your points. Each paragraph should have its own point.
  • - Conclusion. This is where you get to sum up the whole of your essay.

Paragraph structure

Having had a brief overview of what you are entitled to write in your paragraph, a certain structure should be followed. The following requirements need to be applied:

  • - Statement. Your first paragraph statement should contain the main point of discussion.
  • - Explanation. This is where you go further into details concerning your main point. It should carry the whole paragraph content.
  • - Example. Include a concrete source of evidence for your point. It could be an example, fact, reference point or a quote.
  • - Relevancy. Explain why your point is important or how it relates to your overall topic of discussion.


Before you embark on writing anything, have a plan. Properly arrange your points from the first to the last and include any sub points, so that you may not end up forgetting. You can write down your plan anywhere; on the first page of your book or in a page margin.

Edit and review

Once you are done with your paper, revise your work. Countercheck for any spelling and grammatical errors. Also ensure that you have followed the right body and paragraph structure. It only takes a few minutes to proof read, and this procedure can make a whole lot of difference between you and the rest of the students.

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