The Two Ways To Organize A Compare And Contrast Essay: A Writing Tutorial

In your life as a student, you will be called upon to craft distinct types of essays, each having its own specific rules and guidelines. One of the most commonly written is the compare and contrast essay. This essay requires the writer to focus on the relationship between two different things in terms of resemblance and counterpoints. In such a text, one needs to adopt in-depth creativity in vivid description of various connections between the two subjects. The two major formats used in organizing such work include the block format and the point by point format

The Block Format

  • - Introduction
  • This should set off with an enchanting sentence that captures the reader’s interest or a statement that points out something common between the two subjects. The writer should be able to show the reader his or her stand whether the two are similar, different or have multiple resemblances and variations.

  • - The body
  • This is a combination of the next three paragraphs. The writer should use transitions to commence each paragraph. Explain how the two subjects compare on a single feature using words such as like, similarly and on the other hand. Each paragraph should talk about a different feature. Back up each point with relevant examples and strong evidence.

  • - The conclusion
  • In this section, the writer simply gives the summary of the key similarities and differences without introducing new ideas. Recommendations can also be included. It should cover a single paragraph, be brief and precise. Use of double-meaning words should be avoided as this can hinder appropriate interpretation.

Point by point

  • - Introduction
  • This is similar to the block format. It should be catchy and beguiling to engage the audience’s mind so that they do not find it boring. Just like its counterpart, the introductory part should show the writer’s stand and should focus on the given topic.

  • - The body
  • This format differs with the block format in that the writer talks about one similarity or difference for one subject and talks about the very similar feature but with regards to the other subject. Every point mentioned should be supported by citing relevant examples and reliable evidence.

  • - Conclusion
  • This section forms the ending of the text. It should review the main arguments as presented in the body. The writer should be able to state his or her stand basing on the strength of the resemblances and counterpoints given.

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