Hand-Picked Argumentative Essay Topics Of A College Level

With your entry to college, your professors start expecting something really brainy and responsible acts from you. To turn you into a responsible citizen, cultivate a sense of conscientiousness and check your mindset they provide you some really daring and argumentative essay topics.

Check out a list of hand-picked argumentative topics that can broaden your horizon and power of thinking.


  1. How technology is isolating us in the crowd? How it is affecting our lives in terms of physical and mental fitness?
  2. By installing high- end applications on our cell phones or computers, do we gain or lose? Are they just a waste of time or are helping us to utilize it?
  3. Are Smartphone making us stupid or brainy? How?
  4. In future, will robots make our life boon or bane?
  5. Do digital photographs lose their significance as they are too many in number?

Internet and Social Media

  1. How Facebook is a threat to your identity?
  2. How Social Media Networking sites sometimes make you feel offended?
  3. Is deleting the accounts on Social Media is a safe way to handle a situation? Why, why not?
  4. According to you what percentage of Internet usage is benefitting our lives?
  5. How trustworthy online marketing and online reviews are?

Technology used in Schools

  1. Should Computers grade your writing skills? Why, why not?
  2. Which is better - online learning or face- to- face learning?
  3. Are Tablet computers a good way to make teaching interesting in long run? Will students feel the monotony after its regular usage? Will it transform the students into an idle personality? How?
  4. Can cell phones be ever used as a part of educational program?
  5. Is it good to have strong web filters at school or college levels? Will it promote smooth learning?

Video Games, Films, Theatre

  1. Are Video Games better than physical sports? Why, why not?
  2. Are films teaching something great to our kids or they are altogether spoiling their lives?
  3. Why people prefer to watch rich personalities more than the poor ones?
  4. Write interesting features of a good commercial?
  5. Do live theatres provide you what TV can’t provide you at home? How?

Gender and Relationship

  1. Why parents do partiality with their sons while mismatching the standards with their daughters?
  2. Do women make compromises more often than men do? In what spheres of life it happens more?
  3. “Equal right for men and women”- Is this statement really true under all cases? Why, why not?
  4. If girls can wear shirts and pants, why boys can’t wear tunics or shirt and skirts?
  5. Why girls can’t digest any conversation and reveal to their closed ones while boys can do it easily.

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