What Everybody Ought To Know About One-Page Narrative Essay Writing

If you are wondering what everybody ought to know about the one page narrative essay writing you are not alone? Many students who are given the narrative assignment struggle at the onset simply because they are unsure how to start.

The one page narrative essay is, as the name would suggest one page in length. This means that it should follow the traditional components of a five paragraph piece.

  • - Remember that when you are writing this type of work your job is to tell a story. You want to write about an event or experience from your past, perhaps an experience or an event that is happening now, or something that happened to someone who is close to you like your parent or grandparent.
  • - The next thing you want to remember is that your story needs to have a purpose. It should not just be the account of the time your parents went to a castle in Germany. It should, instead, be the account of the time your parents went to a castle in Germany and learned that fumbling through a few mispronounced words from the native language will earn more respect and friendliness from the locals compared to simply speaking English. You need to have a point so that the reader gains something important from what you've narrated.
  • - You need to make sure you introduce the subject in your first sentence so that the reader knows exactly what to expect.
  • - You want your final essay to tell a story and that means you have to provide sufficient details about the events, the places, and the people involved so that every reader has a clear understanding of how the event transpired and how the author felt about the event. You want to use words that indicate feelings so that the reader can truly put themselves in the shoes of anyone in the paper.

In the final section of your single page you want to reflect on the importance of the experience, what was learned from it, how it has influenced the narrator today, etc. you want to present an idea that can be related to buy the readers. Understanding that showing basic respect for other people by learning a few words in their language even if they are pronounced incorrectly is something to which anyone who is traveled can relate. And that is the purpose of your final piece.

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