Principal Questions To Ask When Writing An Evaluation Essay

The primary objective of an evaluation essay is to create a benchmark and then write a review of a topic of your choice based on this benchmark. You must completely analyze both the pros and cons to arrive at an arguable conclusion. You must also do an exhaustive research on the topic and provide solid evidence for the basis of your conclusions.

The first step you will take is to actually find something worth evaluating. Look around you. There are ideas everywhere. For example, you could review the way your local supermarket holds its weekend sales campaigns and argue whether these campaigns achieve the level of success aspired to or is a complete failure. If you want to write on more complicated topics, you could evaluate the inner workings of your local county offices. Just keep an open mind and focus on things that you are interested in and want to be involved with.

Brainstorm! This cannot be stressed enough. Talking to colleagues, mentors, family, friends, even strangers on your way to work or school, can potentially expand your list and bring new ideas to your table.

Pick a subject and stick to it. Do not go about choosing things at random to write about. Be selective in a way that you will end up with assessing a subject you are familiar with or even better have one on one experience handling.

Ask yourself these principal questions:

  • - Am I knowledgeable in this field?
  • - Do I have the patience and wherewithal to see this project through?
  • - Is it something I want to be involved in?
  • - Will I be comfortable writing about this topic?
  • - Do I have a strong opinion on this subject, positive or negative?
  • - Will I be able to provide working examples in this specific area?

You should realize that when drafting an essay, you should know what you are talking about. Only then can you properly address the faults in the existing system, and provide arguable solutions to correct these faults. You will also need to provide proof that your solutions are logical as well as practical. Be confident and through; always maintain your composure throughout your article so that your claims are credible and convincing.

Finally, try and avoid issues that are too broad and overworked. Streamline your views so you can provide simple examples in your essay that support the conclusions you have arrived at.

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