Controversial Essay Topics About Animals: Fresh Suggestions

Animals contribute a great deal to human modern lifestyles and many people are not aware of this. From transportation in difficult terrains to providing us with the love and friendship of a well tamed house pets, animals affects us more than is obvious at first glance.

When writing any essay, one must ensure that to characteristics of the topic is present, availability of informative materials and enjoyment of the act itself. This means that topic selection should be done with great care and foresight into the problems you may encounter during the writing process. Consider this list of controversial essay topics about animals to help you choose:

  1. The value of animals to modern life versus their rights as living organisms to be free.
  2. Without human interventions, most animal bred by humans would not exist so we have the right to use and consume them as we please.
  3. Vegans are also contributing to the death of animals since fertilizer is required for plant growth and these are gotten from animals farms.
  4. Wild life preservation laws and programs are a waste of resources since most of these animals will go extinct anyways.
  5. The mass extinction that we are presently experiencing is a natural part of the Earth's cycles so humans should not try to interfere.
  6. Large corporations involved in animal protection ae not addressing the issue in the right manner since they are attempting to keep dying species alive instead of protecting flourishing ones.
  7. Environmental awareness is worth nothing if the human species as a whole does not change its reliance on chemical additives.
  8. Genetic modification is the solution to the problem of endangered species.
  9. Animals are not self aware, therefore cosmetic and pharmaceutical testing on them does not affect them in significant way.
  10. Without consumption of meat, the human species will not survive.
  11. There is nothing wrong with putting two animals in a right to fight each other, humans do it all the time, its called sports.
  12. Furs contribute to the happiness of human beings, therefore, it is worth the life of the animals killed in the process.
  13. Dolphins are no more sentient than any other animal and they should be regarded as such.
  14. The methods used during hunting activities does not affect the outcome, therefore it does not matter how a hunter kills their game.
  15. Over fishing is a myth, natural selection is the reason why catching fish has become harder over the decades.

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